1. When I try to add my wordpress URL to the Wordpress for Blackberry app, I get "We could not find the XMLRPC endpoint of your blog, please insert the complete URL below." which I have tried to do several times with no luck.
    Suggestions please?

  2. There are fairly extensive RPC instructions on this site. Have you tried them?

  3. I have the same trouble, and the FAQ only really addresses the issue for self-hosted blogs. mine's a regular blog and I get a startup error and then the above error. What's interesting is that wordpress works fine on blackberry pearl but not on the newer curve 8310.

    Also, I then tried to "check for updates" and got this error: Error while checking for new versions. File system full." Same message comes up when i type in the full address for the blog including the xmlrpc.php

    Perhaps it's a device issue?

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