wordpress only works on wifi

  1. I downloaded Wordpress from the AppWorld to use on my BB 9330 OS 5. I downloaded & set it up using WIFi. When I go away from the WiFi and try to use it, it says "A server communication error occurred". Also if I try to go to the blog or dashboard from within Wordpress, it insists on trying to send me through WiFi even though the browser can use the network.

  2. Have you looked at your connection settings ?
    - Start the app.
    - Click "App Settings" when in the WordPress app.
    - Select Direct WiFi, and BIS connection types only. (do not select "enable advanced connection settings").

    The app should connect through the BIS network when WiFi is not available.

  3. Thank you. I had looked in Settings but didn't realize there was a separate App Settings. I don't have BIS, but I also found an option for TCP. Enabled that and it fixed my problem. Thank you!

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