Wordpress for blackberry photo RESCALE not RESIZE?

  1. I understand the wordpress for blackberry 1.6 allows you to RESIZE photos but the problem is that I appear to lose a lot of quality, it does speed up publishing which is good however i get a 'connection failure' when i try to upload the full size image.. (maybe because im using GPRS)

    but is there a way to RESCALE the image posted so that it automatically keeps the full size image quality but posts it as for example medium of 300x300?

    on my wordpress site i have the settings set so that it automatically rescales the image to medium size so that it shows up as that size on my posts but when the reader clicks on the image, the full size appears.

    Is this possible to do on wordpress for blackberry app or will there be any plans to introduce this please?

    I understand the 'resize' option allows you to speed up publishing which is a good feature however I prefer it to show up as a 300x300 medium photo on my blog WITHOUT losing the image quality.. which is what it appears to do during resize.

    Is there anyway around this?


  2. Thanks for letting us know about this. I'll be sure to pass this along to those who work on the mobile app. Meanwhile, you can upload the pictures at "Original Size", or "Large Size", and then upload the post to the blog with the status set to "Draft". Then you can edit the post by using the mobile app, and change the html code of the pictures...
    I know it's tedious, but it's a simple way to do that right now.

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