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  1. Support and help can be found and is given on my the plugin homepage and on other parts of my website ;-)


  2. There is already an option set post slug or page slug.

  3. @kimuraco, Thanks for the nice writeup and the notice about the IE6 issue. I just released a new version with updates to the styling guidelines. However, to keep things generic, I added a width: 100%; instead of 450px. The updated style guidelines are on the Other Notes page.

    I didn't change any defaults for the font-size, because the size is dependent on the surrounding theme, but showing people how to customize it is appreciated. ~Ryan

  4. Counterize II displays its statistics on a tab off the Dashboard. Dschini Bot Checker displays its statistics on a tab off Manage. Bad Behaviour displays its statistics on its options page. And so on.

    It would be neat if plug-in authors were encouraged to keep all this stuff in the same place - a top-level Report tab with separate tabs for each plug-in below it, for example - even if that encouragement just took the form of a style-guide or similar.

  5. It is, for block quotes (longer quotes). Inline quotes should utilize the q tag though.

    I rate this idea highly because I agree that better semantic code should be encouraged. I disagree however with the proposed implementation. As long as the browser with the largest marketshare does not render the q element according to the specification (IE doesn't render the quotation marks itself), manually added quotation marks will have to stay even if you use the q tag. Sad but true.

  6. Keep your visitors on your blog. UPDATE: [due to usability issues](

    Opens external links in new tab/window so that use doesn't need to click 'BACK' button to find your blog again.

    Version 2.0: Fixed the bug occuring with javascript links...

    Download now!

    Some features:

    • more pageviews?
    1. Unzip into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory. If you're uploading it make sure to upload the top-level folder. Don't just upload all the php files and put them in /wp-content/plugins/.
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
    3. That's it!
  7. is the german version of This plugin makes your products available for your sidebar.

    If you have an account at DaWanda and also a shop, you'll be able to include your products from DaWanda in (e.g.) your sidebar.


    • Widget-ready: As of version 2.0 you can use this Plugin as widget.
    • Display the price (or display it not)
    • Prepared to use with a Lightbox plugin
    • The plugin produces vaild (X)HTML output
    • It provides many CSS selectors
    • This shop plugin is also prepared for localization, English and German language are included
    • To setup your plugin it provides an own configuration submenu
    • Important: To grab the data from the DaWanda servers, your PHP installation must allow opening remote URL (allow_url_fopen) ans support SimpleXML (as of PHP 5)

    This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

    1. Upload the directory dmke-dawanda to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
    3. Configure it through the 'DaWanda Configuration' submenu in 'Plugins'
    4. Wheather you will use the Template Tag, place <?php if(function_exists('dmke_dawanda_template_tag')) { dmke_dawanda_template_tag(); } ?> in your templates, e.g. your sidebar.php. Or configure it as widget.

    You'll be able to use CSS (optional)

    1. Open your theme's style.css to edit it (e.g. in the 'Presentation' menu in WordPress)
    2. Add the following lines of code to the end: /* DaWanda shop style */ div.dmke-dawanda-item {

      } div.dmke-dawanda-item a.dmke-dawanda-picture-link { border: none; display: block; } div.dmke-dawanda-item a.dmke-dawanda-picture-link img { width: 160px; height: 120px; border: none; } div.dmke-dawanda-item span.dmke-dawanda-price { float: left; clear: right; width: 70px; } div.dmke-dawanda-item a.dmke-dawanda-shop-link { float: right; clear: both; width: 80px; }

    3. Save your theme's style.css
  8. Social Bookmarking RELOADED - Add social bookmarks service icons to your blog articles in order to submit them easily. Based on Apostolos Dountsis plu

    The Social Bookmarking RELOADED plugin for WordPress adds a list of XHTML compliant graphic links at the end of your posts and/or pages that allow your visitors to easily submit them in a number of social bookmarking sites. Furthermore, the plugin adds a page in the WordPress admin section that lets you customize it.

    Social Bookmarking RELOADED support the list below: The following sites are supported:, digg, FURL, blinklist, Socializer, reddit, Feed Me Links!, Technorati, Newsvine, Ma.gnolia, Google Bookmarks, GOOGLE BUZZ, Squidoo, BlinkBits, Stumble Upon, Netvouz, Rojo, Blogmarks, Co.mments, Scuttle, Tailrank, Bloglines, Segnalo, OkNotizie, Netscape,, Ask, linkagogo,, Socialdust, Live MSN, Slashdot, Sphinn, Diggita, FaceBook, Upnews, Wikio, Barrapunto, Notizieflash, Fai informazione, Blogmemes, Blogsphere news, Blogsvine, Scoopeo, Myspace, ZicZac, Twitter, IndianPad, Technotizie, Blue Dot, Connotea, Diggitsport, Tipd, FriendFeed, digo, buzz.

    In plugin .zip file, there is a pdf file about installation, usage of Social Bookmarking Reloaded in english, italian and spanish. You can see the video how social bookmarking reloaded works on Save Video.

    If you have never use this plugin or a previous version, you have extract the archive file (.zip) and upload the folder social-bookmarking-reloaded in wp-content/plugins of your web space. Than activate the plugin in plugin menu of admin control panel.

    Se non si ha mai installato una versione precedente del plugin, Ŕ necessario estrarre il contenuto del file .zip e caricare la cartella social-bookmarking-reloaded e i suoi file nella directory wp-content/plugins che si trova sullo spazio web che ospita Wordpress. Successivamente manca solo di attivare il plugin nel menu plugin del pannello di controllo dell'amministratore.


    • Remove some unactive services.


    • Some testing.


    • Remove some not-working social like rawsugar and forgotten plim icon.


    • Minor fixes


    • Fixed FriendFeed url
    • Add Google BUZZ


    • Plim removed.


    • Minor changes


    • Remove Leonaut.
    • Updated testing version of Wordpress on readme.txt file.
    • Lifting on some icons.


    • Remove SeoTribu and add Digo.
    • Updated testing version of Wordpress.


    • Remove some not working sites.
    • Change Netscape icon with Propeller one.


    • Check compatibility with lastest version of WP.


    • Add FriendFeed.


    • Updating testing on current Wordpress release. It works fine.


    • Little fix.


    • Little fix. Due to internation use of social bookmarking reloaded, I decide to change label from italian to english. You can change it back if you want.


    • Add a new social. Update test up to 2.8.3 version of Wordpress.


    • Minor release. Update readme.txt to complain new standard changelog and test up to 2.8.2 version of Wordpress.


    • Some fixed bugs and new social added.


    Update Instructions (from version RELOADED 1.8) - Aggiornamento del plugin (a partire dalla versione 1.8) Upload all the contents of the social-bookmarking-reloaded directory to your wp-content/plugins/social-bookmarking-reloaded directory. Delete the folder social-bookmarks-reloaded. Than activate the plugin in plugin menu of control panel. If your blog is based on Wordpress 2.5 and newer, you can use automatic update in plugin panel.

    If you would like to submit an useful social, that is not included in this plugin, important please send me an 18x18 icon and a link for submition e.g. http://www.soc ial.xz/submit?url={link}&title={title}. To do this, you can add a comment in a social bookmarking reloaded post. Thank you very much.

    Send me the material I have mentioned before, otherwise I will ignore your request of inclusion. (I will not register every social request I receive.)

    For social bookmarking RELOADED: valent

    Based on GNU GPL plugin: Social Bookmarks 3.2

  9. Widget with an enhanced countdown timer with days, hours, minutes and seconds to an especified event. Full control over the widget option page.

    Widget with an enhanced countdown timer with days, hours, minutes and seconds to an especified event. Full control over the widget option page.

    Plugin by C.Gurtner ( based on the orignal countdown plugin by Vasquez, it┤s now enhanced, with all options direct in the widget window with no need to edit the php file anymore. When the timer comes to zero, the visitor receives an alert.

    In the widgets popup options in your admin panel, you can control: -The date and time of the event -The name of the event -The color of the clock -Day Unit -The message that will appear in the alert to visitor when timer comes to zero. -Etc

    Instalation as usual. If you have doubts or questions, visit: for more instructions


    No screenshots

    A brief Markdown Example

    <?php code(); // goes in backticks ?>
  10. Hurrakify verlinkt einfach und bequem, W├Ârter mit Artikeln in Leichter Sprache aus dem Hurraki W├Ârterbuch.

    Hurrakify erg├Ąnzt Artikel mit Tooltips. Das hei├čt: Schwere W├Ârter im Artikel bekommen eine gestrichelte Linie. F├Ąhrt man mit der Maus ├╝ber das Wort, bekommt man eine Leichte Sprache Erkl├Ąrung zu diesem Wort. Hurrakify holt sich die Leichte Sprache Informationen aus dem Hurraki Lexikon in Leichter Sprache. Installieren und aktivieren. Den Rest erledigt Hurrakify.


    Das installierte Plugin in Aktion kann im Hurraki Blog angeschaut werden.

    Hurraki ist ein W├Ârterbuch f├╝r Leichte Sprache. Viele Menschen reden umst├Ąndlich. Nicht jeder versteht das. Die W├Ârter bei Hurraki soll jeder verstehen k├Ânnen. Niemand soll ausgegrenzt werden. Alle haben ein Recht auf Information. Hurraki ist kostenlos Hurraki ist f├╝r alle. Jeder darf die W├Ârter lesen. Jeder kann mitmachen.


    Es gibt zwei M├Âglichkeiten Hurrakify zu installieren.

    Erste M├Âglichkeit:

    1. In der Wordpress Installation auf Plugin klicken

    2. Auf Installieren klicken

    3. Im Suchfeld Hurrakify eintippen

    4. Auf Installieren klicken

    Zweite M├Âglichket:

    1. Plugin von herunterladen

    2. Die Zip Datei entpacken

    3. Den kompletten Ordner in den Ordner /wp-content/plugins/ hochladen

    Danach unter dem Men├╝punkt Plugins Hurrakify aktivieren.

    Jetzt erscheint ein neuer Men├╝punkt mit dem Namen Hurrakify.


    Hurrakify f├╝gt keinen Tooltip hinzu

    Hurrakify holt die W├Ârter aus dem jeweiligem Deutschen, Englischen oder Spanischen Lexikon. Je nach dem was in den Einstellungen angegeben ist. Gibt es das Wort im Lexikon nicht, wird auch kein Tooltip hinzugef├╝gt. Alle k├Ânnen neue Artikel im W├Ârterbuch anlegen. Damit das Wort von Hurrakify gefunden wird, muss es im jeweiligen Wiki in der Kategorie "Alle W├Ârter" hinzugef├╝gt werden.

    Ich habe einen Fehler im Plugin entdeckt

    Bei Github den Fehler unter dem Punkt Issue melden

    Ich bin Programmierer und m├Âchte Hurrakify verbessern

    Den Code f├╝r Hurrakify gibt es bei Github

    1. hurrakify screenshot 1

      Beispielartikel. Hurrakify hat automatisch ein Wort mit einer gestrichelten Linie unterstrichen. F├Ąhrt der Leser mit der Maus ├╝ber das Wort, ├Âffnet sich ein Tooltipfenster.

    2. hurrakify screenshot 2

      Hurrakify Einstellungen. Hier kann Hurrakify an die eigenen Bed├╝rfnisse angepa├čt werden.



    F├╝r Hurrakify gibt es ein paar Einstellungen.

    Nach der Installation gibt es den neuen Men├╝punkt Hurrakify.

    Folgende Einstellungen sind m├Âglich:

    Woher soll Hurrakify die Tooltips holen?

    Aus dem Deutschen, Englischen oder Spanischen W├Ârterbuch.

    Au├čerdem kann man einstellen in welchen Bereichen die Tooltips dem Blog hinzugef├╝gt werden soll.

    Und wie viele Tooltips pro Seite maximal angezeigt werden sollen.

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