Uploading Photos from Bold 9900

  1. I have a Bold 9900 I have problems uploading photos "a server communication error occourred stream closed". This only happens when I send photos I have taken from my own phone (shown in the phone menu as Camera Items). I can upload photos I have been sent to the phone that are in the Picture Library. I have checked the permissions and that the photos are stored on the data card.

  2. I have also tried moving photos from the Camera Items to the Picture Library and they still wont' upload.

  3. I have also tried just sending over the wi-fi and doesn't make any difference! Please help!

  4. Are all permissions set to "Allow"?
    If so, turn on the debug feature (within the setup screen) and try to add a blog, or any other network actions.
    Then, send us the app log file (instructions here: )

  5. Thanks for the reply - yes they're all on "allow"
    I've turned on the de bug feature ut the link you sent me was broken?

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  6. Thanks Dan - so you want me to email it to mobile [at] automattic. com?

  7. Yes, you should send us an email with the app log file. The log is usually written here: /store/home/user/wordpress/ or /SDCard/BlackBerry/wordpress

  8. haveyouseenmyhouse
    Feb 1, 2012, 11:20 PM

    I am having the same problem on my 9900. Has there been a fix?

  9. @haveyouseenmyhouse - Make sure that all permissions are set to "Allow" by following the steps below:
    On your BlackBerry go to "Options > Advanced Options > Applications" (on newer devices go to Options->Applications). Scroll through the list, highlight and select "WordPress for BlackBerry". Next, click on the app, and choose Edit Permissions and ensure they are set to "Allow".
    Once you do this, you must reboot the phone by removing and reinserting the battery.

    If this doesn't help, could you please resize the photo before uploading it to the blog?
    - Select your blog in the main screen.
    - Hit the button "Option".
    - Enable the "Resize photos" option in the "Photo Options" box.
    - Set the "Resize Dimension" to "small".
    - Try to upload your pictures again.

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