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  1. I´m a wordpress newbie and hope that someone can help me with this matter:
    I have a problem concerning uploading photos via Wordpress 1.5 for Blackberry. In my blog I use the plugin geotagphoto to show, where I took the photo on google maps. When you click on a small icon that is placed on the photo google maps opens in the same browser window and shows the location.
    Therefore it is necessary that there doesn´t go an url with the uploaded photo, otherwise a click on the photo doesn´t open the map but an enlarged version of the photo.
    In the web version of wordpress there exists an option where you can say that there shouldn´t be a link to the picture whereas in the blackberry app it doesn´t and and always links the photo.
    Is there a way to avoid that?
    Thank you in Advance (and excuse my bad english ;-)

  2. There is not a simple way to do this, anyway this trick should work fine:
    - Upload the post that contains pictures to your blog setting the status to Draft
    - Edit the post clicking on it within the posts list screen
    - Remove the HTML code of the link in the content editor
    - Change the status to publish and hit send

  3. That's it! Works perfectly!
    Thanks a lot!

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