upgraded to v1.6.2, cannot retrieve stats

  1. hey guys,

    love the app-looking forward to the bb10 app. :)

    upgraded to 1.6.2 and now it tells me it cannot retrieve stats data. tells me to look at faq. did that and found no resolution. :(

    i have a bb bold running I should confess that i also upgraded the os to but didn't like it so downgraded back to .342. now this app doesn't work.

  2. That's weird. Try to remove and re-add the blog within the app.

  3. yeah i did that numerous times and nothing. im gonna go ahead and d/l 1.6.3 and hopefully that will somehow magically fix it lol. i even tried the beta 1.6 and nothing and i KNOW that one worked before. deleted all wordpress folders and files from the device and memory card, uninstalled, reinstalled and... bupkiss. lol. Thanx for answering though. :)

  4. Did you try the version 1.6.3? What is the URL of your blog?

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