Updated to Stats 1.8.1 and BlackBerry Client no longer show stats

  1. I had Stats plugin 1.8 installed on WordPress 3.0.4 (self hosted), and I was able to check my stats on my BlackBerry using WordPress for BlackBerry 1.4.5. But when I updated my Stats plugin to 1.8.1, and checked my stats on my BlackBerry, WordPress for BlackBerry says "We are unable to to retrieve status data for your site."

    I've tried deactivating the plugin and reactivating it again.

    I've also tried deactivating and deleting the plugin, then reinstalling it again.

    But WordPress for BlackBerry still doesn't show my stats. Please help.

  2. Resolved: I deleted my blog account from the BlackBerry and then added it again; once it asked for my WordPress.COM password again, everything works again.

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