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  1. patrickdriscoll
    Sep 5, 2009, 6:12 PM

    I am unable to load select posts from my WP blog. I am running Wordpress for BBerry version on my 8830 WE which has OS I have at least 6 gb free on my device.

    The WP app displays the headings of my most recent posts. When I select one and choose "edit", for four of the 10 posts, I am able to successfully view and edit the post contents. For the remaining six, I briefly get "Loading Post", then this message goes away, leaving me back with the heading list only. I cannot associate success or failure of the loading with how recent the post is or how big it is.

    Any ideas why one post will load and another will not?

  2. are you using or self-hosted WordPress?
    If self-hosted, which version of WordPress you're using?

  3. I'm having the same issue as patrickdriscoll. I'm running Wordpress for Blackbery v. on a BlackBerry Storm (OS I'm also running a self-hosted Wordpress blog (v.2.8.4). I can make new posts with no issue. However, when attempting to edit an existing post, I've noticed that if the post was made from the BB app I can edit just fine. Posts that were completed from my computer get the same response as patrick (i.e. 'Loading Post' message briefly displayed and then display reverts to the original list of posts.)

    Thanks in advance for input and/or ideas.

  4. This is a very weird thing.
    A new beta release will coming soon. There is a debug mode, accesible into option view, that enables extended log format. So you can send to us a very detailed log file, this could help us to solve your issue.
    instructions here

  5. I'll try.

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