Truncates Text after special character

  1. Hi,

    im using and the application truncates my post after a german special character like ä (ae) or ü (ue). Is there any way to find a remedy?

    TIA eQual

  2. Currently, the WordPress for Blackberry app is able to handle german special characters.
    Most probably this issue is related to your blog installation / server configuration.
    take a look at the forum post here:

    are you using or self-hosted WordPress?

  3. Im using a self hosted Wordpress. I changed my DB_COLLATE in the wp-config.php to latin1_german1_ci and now the special characters of all post are displayed as �. Its better but not good. :)

    The weird thing is: I can use the special character via webinterface.

  4. - try with DB_CHARSET set to utf8 and the DB_COLLATE to utf8_general_ci

    - Set the character encoding you write your blog in to utf8. (”Encoding for pages and feeds” field into Blog Admin->setting->reading ).

  5. I' m having exactly the same problem with spanish characters, for example "ó".

    Its a hosted wordpress with DB_COLLATION, DB_CHARSET and encoding are all set to UTF8 and there's no problem when I post from the website.

    When I post from website everything works OK,without a flaw. The problem is related to the blackberry wordpress app only.

  6. Same problem occurs to me. My blog uses brazilian portuguese.

    define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8'); define('DB_COLLATE', 'utf8');

    When I post from the website, everything is fine, but the BlackBerry WordPress app truncates after the first special character.

  7. probably utf8 is not a properly value for DB_COLLATE field.
    did you try with DB_COLLATE to "utf8_general_ci"?
    (if you are using mysqldb you can list the collations for a character set with the SHOW COLLATION statement: SHOW COLLATION like '%utf%';)

    we can confirm that the app should work fine with germain/spanish characters. the app should work fine with UTF-8 charset.

  8. Hi daniloercoli,

    I tried all possible permutations of DB_CHARSET and DB_COLLATE ...

    DB_CHARSET is set to 'utf8' and DB_COLLATE is set to 'utf8_general_ci'. I double checked with the database setting, they are the same! Still, my posts are truncated after each special character.

    I use a Bold 9700, any idea?

    Thanks for your help and the great app (apart from the truncating thing ;-)


  9. @frank.wessel - could you post the special char that causes truncation of text?
    could you post the url of your blog?

  10. Hi daniloercoli,

    sure I can! The url is, the chars that cause the problems are the German 'Umlaute', being äöüßÄÖÜ but also any other special character that you get when you keep the 'aou' pressed on the BlackBerry and scroll the pearl or the touchpad to the left or right. It doesn't matter which char you use as long as it is not in the standard char set. The post gets truncated as soon as one of these characters is in the text.

    Best regards, Frank

  11. Hi daniloercoli,

    I solved the problem. I switched from PHP4 to PHP5 on the server and now it works!

    Best regards,


  12. @frank.wessel -- we are happy to hear that.
    Thanks for sharing the solution.


  13. i am having the same issue with " in custom fields - WP 2.9.2, PHP5

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