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  1. I just upgraded to the latest WP for Blackberry version All works fine except that I cannot access my WP stats. I am running the Stats v.1.8.1. and they work fine from my PC.

    My blog is at

    When I try to access my stats, I get asked to enter user name and password (not sure why), which I do but nothing happens, except that I am asked to enter user name and password again. Worked in the previous version (1.4.5 something, I think).

    Any help would ge greatly appreciated.


  2. did you use your username/password within the stats login Screen?

  3. Yes

  4. That's weird, because stats should work fine within the app.
    We're looking into this problem and will post updates as we have more information on this.
    You can check the status of the resolution here

  5. Well this is extremely weird: Last night, I gave the stats another try but entered an incorrect user name by mistake. I got an error message "api key does not belong to an administrator or this blog". I went back, clicked on stats again and they showed without asking me to log in.

    This morning, I cannot access the stats again, I get the same error message.

    On my PC, also only today, I also cannot see the stats when I am logged in but get this error message: "Your account (user name) is not authorized to view the stats of this blog." I have not had this before.

    Also, since this morning, there are some other problems with my blog: There is something strange happening in the layout (the footer has moved off to the right, which affects the layout of the whole page) and my popular posts wicket is not showing.

    I am sure it all hangs together somehow but cannot see how or how to remedy the situation. Panic!!

  6. @steyrtal - could you please contact the support team here asking them about your stats issue in the dashboard?

  7. Thank you, daniloercoli. The dashboard issue has now been resolved. It was something that affected a larger number of WP users.

    However, the WP for Blackberry issue remains - for the stats I am stuck at the screen that says "Please insert your Username and Password". I'll keep checking the ticket.


  8. I thought you should know this: I have set up a new user name for my self-hosted WP blog, using the same password as my administrator ID and if I log in with this, the stats seem to display correctly - but not with the system administrator ID, which I used to set up the blog on my Blackberry.


  9. That's very weird.
    We have just retested the stats on the app release and haven't found issues.

    Could you please follow the steps below?
    - delete the blog within the app
    - restart the app and re-add your blog from scratch
    - turn on the debug feature: Go to the "setup screen" and enable the debug option at the bottom of the page.
    - try to load the stats of your blog using your credentials
    - Then, send us the app log file (instructions here:

    You can email the details to mobile at automattic dot com

    I know it's tedious, but this could help us to solve your issue.

  10. Thanks for your reply. It is weird but it does work now with the other user name, as I said in my previous post, so perhaps we'll leave the procedure for now. If nobody else has experienced this problem, chances are that it is something very specific with my blog.

    Thinking about it, I do remember that there was a similar (or the same?) problem when I first used the app (a previous version) about a year ago. I cannot remember precisely but I think the solution may well have been the same.

    Thanks for all your help.

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