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  1. Hi there, last week I changed my blog address and ever since the stats button on my BlackBerry app has not been showing up-to-date information. What I am currently seeing is incorrect stats (different in Wordpress admin) for just two days - 03-06-13 and 04-06-13 - when I changed my blog address. I am choosing the correct blog in the dropdown menu, and posts are still showing correctly when I click the Posts button, it's just stats that have gone AWOL. When I log into my Wordpress admin everything is fine and up-to-date. Can anyone help?

  2. I should mention I'm running 1.6.5 on a BB Torch...

  3. Are stats wrong for just these two days - 03-06-13 and 04-06-13 ?
    What is the old URL and the new URL of your site?

  4. Hi there, there are no other stats showing, except for these two days. And yes, they are inconsistent with what I see on my Wordpress stats page (they are both the same so there's obviously some glitch. My old URL is and the new one is

    Thank you!

  5. There is a bug in the app that doesn't correctly handle domain changes. A new update will be available in the next few weeks, in the meantime I suggest you to tap on "Dashboard" when in home screen, and look at Stats from the web dashboard.

  6. Ah okay thanks for letting me know. How will I know when the update is available?

  7. The BlackBerry Store app will notify you when a new version is available for download.
    There is even an "in-app" version checker, that will prompt you when the new update is available for download.

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