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  1. Foreign Language Support

    Version shows only the ‘ (apostrophes) in the Blog title as &#039
    the Blog itself was fine.
    With version 0.9.123 it shows the Blog title correct but in the Blog itself shows special german ä ü ö characters as ? (question mark)
    It’s possible to post and it appears fine in the web, but in the BB WP APP it shows further on ?

    * Site URL
    * self-hosted WordPress
    * WordPress 2.8
    * BlackBerry OS
    * BlackBerry 9000 Bold
    * Connection type wifi / 3G
    * WordPress for BlackBerry

  2. We are working to solve the issue as soon as possible.
    thanks for opening up a ticket, this is being looked at:

  3. Just checked the version.
    now is like .121 version, the blog titel was shown as Birger&#039s or similar
    I tried following writing in the WP Bog Titel
    = dezimal
    = hexadezimal
    ’ = Entität

    In Blog Artikels the characters are right.
    Editing and writing are fine.
    Now on WP 2.8.1

    You done a great job!

  4. thanks BirgerKlaus,

    we know that some entities aren't shown properly in UI fields.
    We are working to solve the issue but don’t have an ETA at this time.

  5. Now on Beta GREAT!

    no font issues with Blogtitel or Article / Posts.
    uploading seems faster.
    I'm very happy with the new Beta.


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