'service error occured"

  1. Hi, I'm blogging from my blackberry and have no access to WiFi. I can't even log into my blog on the WordPress app and keep getting a "server error communcation occurred" response. I tried adding my site as a self-hosted site but the app said it didn't recognize it. Help please!

  2. Hiya. What's the address of your blog?

    Is the error a tunnel failure? If so, have you tried the steps @daniloercoli mentions here?

  3. The address of my blog is (or -- I followed the steps you gave me and can log-in now, but now I can't post or update any posts -- I keep getting "a server error occurred"

  4. What is the exact and full text of the error message?

    Have you tried disabling your blog's plugins to see if maybe one of them is causing a conflict?

  5. "A server communication error occurred." I don't have plug-ins (at least I think) and am working only off a blackberry. I have no other access to internet so how would I reach plug-ins off the app? Thanks!

  6. I just found your blog and it looks like its hosted at blogs do not use or have plugins. Sorry for the confusion.

    Have you tried contacting your service provider to see if they can help configure your phone's settings to solve the connection error?

  7. No, I have not, but the app was just working last week. If I were to contact them, what do I ask about?

  8. @lizinservice - have you looked at your connection settings ?
    1. Click "Setup" when in the WordPress app
    2a. If you are an individual user (no BES user), Select Direct WiFi, direct TCP, WAP2 and BIS connection types only. (do not select "enable advanced connection settings").
    2b. If you are an enterprise user, keep selected WiFi and BES.
    3. Add your blog by using the self-hosted option, and the following URL (without the WWW)

  9. It's still not working, I keep getting the "server communications error" message. Any other thoughts? Thanks!

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