server erorr 403. invalid username and password

  1. Please I need

    Please I need a help.
    .I'm receiving the following problem:- server error 403 invalid username and password.

    And I'v not be able to post anymore

  2. What is the URL of your blog? Did you try to update your password within the app?

  3. is my URL and I have never change password

  4. Did you enable Two Steps Authentication on

  5. No, I only change my username.
    Now I can only post on the full website but not on blackberry app anymore

  6. Try to follow the steps below:

    - Start the app and select the Accounts menu item.
    - Select your account.
    - Hit the BB menu button and select the delete menu item.
    - Go back to the main screen and select the App settings menu item.
    - Hit the button "Remove" within the "cache files Options" section.
    - Restart the app.
    - Try to add your blog again.

  7. Thankkkkkkk you so much.
    It has finaly workout now I can post on blackberry app

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