Publishing from Blackberry Torch

  1. cremacafesteven
    Nov 8, 2011, 12:13 AM

    I started a blog. I want the ability to publish from my phone. I don't a publish button like on the desktop version. Am I supposed to post it and then login to a desktop to publish it? That's absurd! This is the reason I started a blog at WordPress, so I could blog from my Blackberry.

    Please advise or tell me to find a different host.

  2. Write a new post, keep its status set to "Publish", and hit the BB menu key -> Submit.

    If you set the post's status to "draft" and save it, it does not change anything on your actual blog until you hit menu > send. This will remove the draft from your drafts folder, place it in your posts folder, and make it available when you log in from the desktop.

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