Publishing a post from Blackberry

  1. good plugin!!

  2. I installed plugin files but everytime I try to create a gallery ("add gallery") I'm redirected to wp-admin page, and nothing is created.

    I got a similar problem with another plugin that was having problem with "~" present in my url, could this be the case?

    Plugins files are 644, folders are 755 and wp-content/gallery is set to 777


  3. cremacafesteven
    Nov 8, 2011, 1:09 AM

    Same issue here. I set it publish but it doesn't? This is the whole idea, so I can blog from anywhere right.

    Do I have to login on a desktop to publish the blog?

  4. I'm sorry if this is super easy for you guys, but I don't quite follow the instructions about using the "tags" eg, [album=id,extend]

    Does this just get typed into the code of a new page created in word press? Could you please show me an example with real data in it, eg.

    [album=3, extend] - is this correct? When i type this into the code part of the page, it shows up as text on the page, rather than commanding the gallery to display.

    Thank you so much, the gallery looks fantastic on other sites, can't wait to get it on mine!

  5. It seems to work OK for me, but I have noticed one thing. It 'pollutes' trackbacks sent to other blogs. See the trackback from me here for example. Perhaps putting HTML comment markers inside the script tags to help hide that kind of thing? I know I can do it, but it'd be nice if it didn't leak this by default.


  6. Somehow I do not get it to format xml properly. I am spaces to indent the code.

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