Problem with version 1.4.2

  1. I've updated to this latest version and now when I press add photo it asks me if I want to take a photo or add from Library and if I press add from library it just returns to add photo. Take a photo works fine. Is this a bug with 1.4.2 or am I missing something obvious? I'm using Storm2 9520 and OS5.

  2. We are working on fixing this issue, and once we have a fix nailed down and tested we'll work on deploying a new app release.

  3. Thanks for prompt reply. Do you ever sleep?

  4. The workaround is, silly me, to select the photo first and then choose Share to WordPress from the options menu. This works fine in 1.4.2 for me. Still it will be nice if the other way around becomes possible with the next update.

  5. RIM has confirmed the issue and suggested a workaround. A new release with this issue fixed is now available for download on our download page. It will be available for download on RIM AppWorld very soon.

  6. version 1.4.3 working fine and photo bug fixed. Will test the rest when I can. Great app!! Thanks for the prompt upgrade.

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