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  1. I saved a post as a phone draft today after working on it for a few hours... and then tonight i sent it using the 'send' button... I lost half of what was written in the blog post... the entire first 3 paragraphs are gone, all that remains are the final 2 paragraphs...

    this is the second time this has happened in a week. The first time i thought i did something wrong - and it wasnt that big a deal as the info was easily rewritten - but this time its horrendous to lose it. I also notice that there are no 'previous drafts' with a self hosted .org WP liike there are with the .com WP - that in itself would have saved my butt on this one.

    ideas? thots? i think i wont ever recover it, but why am i losing info when i send it from phone draft to draft or published? i cant keep doing this.

  2. Similar problem. I'm a self-host site editor (but have admin access), edits aren't sticking when done via mobile, on wp hosted blog posts don't show when done via mobile. I'm not sure what is set wrong!

  3. naptownstiredson
    Nov 4, 2011, 3:17 AM

    I too am having this same problem. My posts are not syncing at all from my blackberry. I am using a bb curve 8530.

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