Post not uploaded to blog from Wordpress for BlackBerry

  1. Although I have saved my phone draft as "Published", I still do not see it published on my blog at my website. Please advise.

  2. If you set the post status to "Published" and save it, it does not change anything on your actual blog until you hit menu > submit.
    This will remove the draft from your drafts folder, place it in your posts folder, and make it available when you log in from the desktop.

  3. I am also having the same problem, is anyone able to help, i dont seem to have the submit option. can anyone guide me through publishing my blogs from my blackberry?

  4. oh, actually i just figured it out! i hit the "send" button! :)

  5. Can't post @soap
    Net messageboard
    Sometimes I can
    Sometimes I can
    Not why is this?
    Can someone help?

  6. I sometimes can
    Post, sometimes I
    Can't @Soapnet
    Messageboard. Why
    Is this?! Can someone help?

  7. @Singergirla -- What is the URL of the blog you are trying to use this with? Did you receive any particular error messages?

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