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  1. I just love WordPress for my BlackBerry, but it doesn't support WPML (a plugin that makes WordPress multilingual). I wrote an article on my weblog to not only reveal this, but to suggest how it can be solved:


  2. Would custom field support allow for something like this ?

  3. while we're on plugin, would you guys able to include say any twitter publishing while a post is added too? like wp to twitter may be? when I post from desktop it tweets, but from BB I want the world to know too!

  4. zocster,

    I use "Twitme" ( and when I send in mobile updates to my blog it updates my twitter account as well. You may want to give it a try.

  5. is it working ok with 2.8.1 for you? that's what I am using? and can't really see what sort of shortening service it uses?

  6. Hi DaePunt and raanan,

    We finally managed to add language support via custom fields for WPML:

    WPML now hooks to the RPCs that are used to read and write posts. When reading. It injects custom fields with language information and monitors the values of those custom fields when written.

    It allows setting the initial post language, adding translations and everything else possible via the WordPress GUI.

    If you like to try it, I'll be happy to set up a test blog and work with you on that.

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