Playbook App Uploading 2 images?

  1. I have recently bought a Blackberry Playbook and on the whole pleased with my purchase. I installed the Wordpress App as I have a self hosted blog.
    I have been playing round with some test uploads to see how it handles especially with the images. I notice there is a default size of 1000 pixels wide with 2 additional options 1) link to image 2) Link to scaled image.

    I have noticed if I tick link to scaled image it uploads 2 images. 1 at 1000 pixels and another at 1024 pixels wide. It produces the desired effect but why does it upload 2 images?

    When I sent a photo from my Torch it only ever sent 1 picture and automatically scaled it to 1024 pixels which was perfect. This in turn worked perfectly with the lightbox.

    I don't really want to fill my domain with loads of duplicate images just to get the lightbox working.

    Does any have any suggestions or information which could help?


  2. I have tried several settings now and it still keeps uploading 2 images!
    Does anyone read this forum?????
    or is it simply no one knows the answer or can help?

  3. It's just how the app works for now. If you click either the upload full size or upload scaled, it will upload a second image.

    In a future version, we should have the image link to itself by default which should support most lightbox plugins.

  4. Thanks for clarifying that Dan. I was beginning to wonder if it was me.

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