PlayBook app?

  1. Any chance a PlayBook app is in development?

  2. RIM should add the support for the java applications soon. Most probably we can use the same codebase of WordPress for BB and redesign the UI for the playbook. No ETA for this at this moment.

  3. Sounds good that Wordpress will be supported! Fantastic!

  4. I would enjoy seeing this as well.

  5. MusicalJournaal
    Aug 7, 2011, 7:26 AM

    If RIM is moving all the smartphones to QNX (as expected), then a new Wordpress for Blackberry is needed anyway.

  6. Yes i also agree.

  7. Would just like to add another name to the list. Just picked up a PlayBook myself and while Wordpress does seem to work quite well with it, something better designed for a touch screen would definitely be nice. Even if it's just an addon for Wordpress itself to change the Dashboard's layout. (Though I suppose that solution would only work for self hosted blogs?)


  8. Yes, would definitly like to see an app for PB. Like the one for iphone... Its slick and nice to be able to work offline, then publish when finished or able.
    The sooner, the better IMHO. Starting to like my BB way more than ifone.


  9. @ccashmore - nice to hear another BB-convert. I don't hear enough of iPhone to BB converts, most I know about goes the other way.

  10. @ken2ts
    Yes, I believe I'm sold on BB. I have my mind set on the curve 9380 to directly replace the ip, once it's upgrade time, which will be soon having an original 3g.
    I just hate the way that I bought and paid for the phone, but apple still owns and controls it. I have a friend on his 4th ip4, the screens are so weak. My son is on his second, dropped it from 2' and the screen exploded.
    So apple is dead to me. lol.
    I will definitely miss a few apps, but the better reception in the area I live will out weigh that. There's always rewrites of code for apps across OS'.

  11. Anyone with a PlayBook running the Android Runtime Beta want to test the app?

  12. CanadianThomas
    Jan 26, 2012, 5:09 AM

    I will say if it comes to the PlayBook then please do a rewrite. As it is now I can post a draft with media from my BB phone, then switch to my PlayBook to fine tune the post, put the pic and video and so on where I want them to be in the post. If we get the same BB phone app for the PlayBook tis won't be an option and I'll just be using the browser again.

    My 2 cents. Lets go with a native QNX app. The PlayBook deserves it.

  13. CanadianThomas
    Jan 26, 2012, 5:11 AM

    @ Dan, I'll test it out, yes please. PM me or email or whatever. I'm in. I'm tech for a living so I can help, read my new blog.

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