Photos Wont Upload to Post

  1. I'm trying to post from my Blackberry Tour and for some strange reason, my photos won't publish to my post. It shows the html code for the photo however all I get is a clickable link at the bottom of the post that directs me to a 404 error. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. Quite strange,
    the image html code, that you can see at bottom of your post, was created by your web site and sended back to the app during post publishing.
    If app fails to send the image, the post publication is stopped immediately.

    is your blog selfhosted WordPress ?

  3. Hi,

    I have on my blackberry 8900 and I'm having a problem posting with an image. If I send a straight text post everything is ok but if I attach a photo it will not post at all. Instead I will get an error asking me if the server has permission to write to the directory.
    My blog is self hosted on dreamhost running version 2.8.2 of wordpress.


  4. mine is self hosted on dreamhost...

  5. I found a solution to this problem here hope this helps

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