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  1. When sending a post with a photo, I get the following error:

    Blog Message (code 500) Could not write file IMG0004-20091018-1929.jpg (Could not write file d:\Domains....wwwroot\blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/IMG0004-20091018-1929.jpg)

    Can anyone point me in the write direction?

  2. Can anyone provide some options? Do I need to change something on my web server or within the blackberry itself? Obviously a permissions problem of some kind. Text only message post fine.

  3. Being a new user of Wordpress, and discovering last night that this was also a problem adding media through the Wordpress administrator, I contacted my hosting company who had to change the NTFS permissions on the wp-content folder (I do not have control over this). It solved the problem for me.

  4. @mczajka -- glad it's all working for you.

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