Overly Generous Permissions

  1. So why does this application need Input Simulation and Security Timer Reset permissions? Especially since it seems to work without them.

    Seems to work very well but I need a more compelling reason, than updating my blog, to run software with such permission on my Blackberry.

  2. Input Simulation is used when taking a photo with camera.
    Security timer reset probably will be used soon...

  3. BeeTagg manages to take pictures without requiring Input Simulation. You must realize that requesting this permission, especially along with Security Timer Reset is akin to asking to run Wordpress as root on systems.

  4. Input Simulation:
    We use phone camera app to take a picture and we use the input simulation to close camera app after a picture is taken.
    For more information you can look at trac:

    Security Timer Reset:
    Specify whether third-party applications can reset the duration that your device remains unlocked after you stop using it.

  5. Read the trac, I remain unconvinced of the need. But no worries I seem to be in the minority, and the world won't end if I don't have this app. I know what I could do with those permissions, and I just don't feel comfortable giving them.

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