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  1. Alright, so i just updated this plugin that was by Press75 and after updating it, all my thumbnail images where all gone. Meaning that they were not showing up in my posts. But the images are still in the thumbnail folder in my ftp. So these are the instructions that was for this new update. Which i should of probably read a bit more detailed then just clicking update anyways...

    ▪. Make sure that your host has the GD graphics extension for PHP enabled.
    ▪. Upload the plugin file to your wp-plugins/ folder.
    ▪. Go the plugin management page and activate the plugin.
    ▪. Add the p75GetThumbnail(int $postID, [int $width, [int $height, [string $fileType]]]) function to your theme to get the URL of a thumbnail and p75GetOriginalImage(int $postID) to get the URL to the original image.
    ▪. Go to Settings > Thumbnail Options to configure default values for the plugin.

    The Plugin:

    So if anyone would be able to guide me through this or something helpful would be very much appreciated:) Cause i do not understand what to do really.


  2. @webmonkeys -- how is this question related to the blackbery app ?

    You may be looking for

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