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  1. An issue I have with the app is in the navigation. I for one believe that it requires too many key presses to get anywhere.

    When your list of blogs appear, I see the blog that I want to address and when I click on it I expect to be taken to that blog with a single click. But instead I am given a menu of options. It should take you directly to the blog. If you want the menu you should have the option of bringing it up with the Blackberry button when the blog title is highlighted.

    The same thing applies to posts, when I click on a post title I expect the post to open for editing. If I want the menu I should be able to highlight the post and select the BB menu button for the menu.

    I really believe this fix would result in a faster, smoother and more streamlined way to navigate through this awesome app.

    I hope this helps!

    Tom Brown
    The Beta Patrol

  2. Sorry I should have added that I am using a Blackberry Storm 9530 which I used to type this entry as well

    Thanks again

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