Multiple 403 errors

  1. I installed Wordpress 1.5 on my Torch and entered all my login details for my self-hosted blog. I had to amend the xmlrpc.php file on my server but I managed to get Wordpress to work a bit.

    However, it says I can't manage my blog and gives me a long list of 403 errors when I click refresh.

    Help? :?

  2. Could you please post the URL of your blog?

  3. I hit the XML-RPC endpoint of your blog ( in my browser and got the 403 error (Access Denied).

    Could you please make sure XML-RPC is enabled on your blog following the steps below?

    1. Go to your blog and log in (/wp-admin).
    2. In the sidebar, open Settings and then select Writing.
    3. Under Remote Publishing, check to make sure the XML-RPC protocol is enabled. If it's not, please enable it.
    3. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

    If this doesn't work, I suggest you to contact the hosting provider help desk and finding out if their default setup blocks the XML-RPC protocol.

    Note: If the hosting provider won't help you, you can try with this plugin (The plugin is the last resort, and in theory should not be used since the host provider should help you to resolve the issue).

  4. XML-RPC is enabled in the admin panel of my blog.
    Yes, my hosting service does block the XML-RPC protocol and they won't unblock it.

    The plugin says "Upgrade the filename of the XML-RPC Endpoint in rename-xml-rpc.php".
    What does that mean? Upgrade the name to what?

  5. You should rename the file 'xmlrpc.php' to 'rename-xml-rpc.php'
    After that you can activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.

  6. Well, that didn't work, despite following the instructions, finding it doesn't work, uninstalling it all, then doing it all again, several times.

    I'm going to delete the app from my BlackBerry and I won't be trying it again - it's too much aggravation to set it up, then it won't work despite repeated attempts. The instructions for the work-around are exceptionally vague and unclear, and appear to be written for someone who is some sort of .php or coding expert i,e. the instructions make no sense to the layman (i,e, me).

    What a completely crap app. Thanks Wordpress, I expected better from you.

  7. The app can't access your blog since the hosting provider blocks the XML-RPC protocol. This is an issue of your hosting provider and this is not an issue of the app.

  8. *roll eyes

    It's got nothing to do with my hosting provider:

    1. I already know they block xmlrpc.php;
    2. I already know they won't unblock it;
    3. The work around is rename-xml-rpc.php;
    4. The work around doesn't work because the instructions are too vague and the supposed help forum is distinctly unhelpful and patronising.

    Please don't assume we're super-hyper-mega-coding-specialist-geeks when we come looking for help here and that we can instantly understand the vague way coders talk to each other - yes, they are vague, I have seen it, heard it, experienced it first hand and your response is a text-book geek "meh" response, complete with "he didn't understand the geek-speak, therefore I will give a non-committal answer" shoulder-shrug.

    Ensure your written and verbal communications can be understood by anyone with a reasonable grasp of non-technical English language in future.

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