Malfunction Error

  1. Hi Everyone especially to the moderator:

    This is my issue with my wordpress using my blackberry. At first, it was working properly that is why I really love this wordpress in my Blackberry. But currently, when I am publishing my write ups, this message prompt in my phone, "A server communication error, malformed blog"

    Please need your help to address this.


  2. most probably the XML-RPC endpoint of your blog prints out some invalid characters in the XML-RPC response.

    did you try with the default theme and with no active plug-in?
    (Trying it with the default theme and plugins disabled will help pin down where the problem is. If everything works then you go back and enable your theme and then try it again. If everything still works then you go back and activate each plugin one at a time until you find the one that is causing the breakage.)

    if this doesn't help, could you please post the URL of your blog? Or fill a support ticket within the app.

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