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  1. So, I know there was just a post about someone moving over from the iPhone7 to the Key1 or Key2, but this post will ask a couple different questions.

    I have been almost all into the Apple ecosystem for a while now, and due to their recent decisions on all fronts of their product line up, I started to move away from them. My last full time Android phone was a Galaxy S5 and before and after that was iOS, and my last Blackberry was a Bold 9000 ( i know). So it's been quite a while since I have owned either for daily use but I have been playing around with a Nexus 5x.

    I've been looking into the Blackberry line up, mainly the Key2 or Key2 LE, due to its security and privacy, as much as possible on a Google platform, stance but I did have a few questions. I know I can install F-Droid onto my phone, as I have absolutely no desire/reason to use Google Play, but does the Blackberry require you to right off the bat sign into a google account when you start the phone for the first time, or can I bypass that all together? Also, while I know the bootloader is locked and I can not root it, am I able to at least disable the Google Play Services on the device? I am aware of the ramifications of doing so, if possible.

  2. The six steps are:-
    Identify the problem.
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    Test the theory to determine cause.
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    Verify full system functionality and if applicable implement preventative measures.
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