image sizer/alignment?

  1. Miroslav Glavić
    Jul 14, 2009, 7:52 PM

    It would be nice if we could do that with WordPress for BB. Also where in the post to put it, hate it that puts it at the bottom of my posts. I use my BB cam for photos for my posts.

  2. Hi Miroslav
    Upload you’re post and now, if you edit the post you see the html code of the insert picture.
    Now you can extract the html code and move it to the right position. If you’re in touch with html you can change the size and alignment of the picture.


  3. A simple option for images would be

    () Beginning of Post
    () End of post

    Align: None, Left, Center,Right

  4. I'm interested in the workarounds mentioned in the thread to change size and alignment as well. I do not understand what kgarrison is referring to with :

    () Beginning of Post
    () End of post

    Align: None, Left, Center,Right

    How would that work?

  5. Uhmm I have also posted on the same way about image size.. Image sizes are original or max 640px wide... should offer smaller options. sometimes post area wide size is less than 640px.

  6. YES. please add the feature to be able to resize photos uploaded from the BB app.

    right now, at 640px, i can't use images in my blog's design, they're too wide.
    the ability to set the pixel size would be oh so nice.

  7. When blogging from a live event, it would help to be able to post the image at the top, so the most current images are the latest. Of course I could copy and paste, but it's a hassle from a mobile device. So I like the image options mentioned above.

  8. - +1 for an option for resizing images
    - and I still couldn't find the way to put my images between text, every time I upload a picture it always post after the text, than I should edit it from computer browser later..

  9. @woelank
    You can select the photo resize option in the blog option screen, or in the post option view.
    if you edit the post, from the mobile app, you see the html code of the inserted picture.
    So you can change the size of the picture, with % values for instance.
    I know it’s tedious, but it’s a simple way to do that right now…

    One more thing, for each photo you can set some properties, such as title, file name, camption just select the photo and choose the properties menu item.

  10. How do you get in to edit HTML before sending? I found that I could edit HTML after I sent, but then I needed to repost. I couldn't find an option on how to update the HTML before I posted.

  11. @cjosephson1 -- at this moment there is no way to edit the image's HTML before sending. The image placement options will be introduced in the next release.

  12. Thanks for the response - I don't suppose those features will be released tomorrow when I leave for my trip? :-)

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