Image Selection via thumbnails

  1. When selecting an image for inclusion in a post it would be great to browse photos on the BB via a thumbnail vs. the current file name.

    I also support the requests for more image sizing options and image placement in the post (without hacking the HTML after posting).

  2. I completely agree that this feature should definitely be included!

    In addition the pictures should sort from newest to oldest by default. (or at least allow sorting to be changed from alpha to chronological)

    Also, when you are choosing to "Add Photo" from device or memory card, if I choose memory card for example, I should be immediately put in to the "Pictures" folder without having to drill down through all the subfolders. Also, if I have just added one picture and am going back to add a second it should pop be back into the last used folder.

    Adding photos is the main reason I use the Wordpress for BlackBerry app however, it is very cumbersome currently to navigate to photos.

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