German Localization

  1. Hi everyone,

    I really appreciate the work that so many people are spending on localizing the app for different languages, let me say that first.

    Still, the German translation could be improved. I would definitely like to contribute - so if there is a language file I could work over I would be more than willing to help out there as a native German speaker.

    Best regards,


  2. Hi Frank,

    we are happy if you can improve the german translation.
    We are using GlotPress, a collaborative web tool for translators, to share all language files. The translation platform is open for any user to suggest a new translation.

    Happy translating!

  3. Hi Danilo,

    I will try to get that started right away!


  4. Hi Danilo,

    I have just created a account 'fwessel'.

    Do you have to add it manually? I can't log into glotpress, it keeps saying invalid account.

    Can you help?

    Best Frank

  5. i'm sorry, but i've confused org/com accounts.
    You should use your wordpress.ORG username; if you haven't a account yet, you can register at

    If you can't login with .ORG account again, send me your username, so that I can add you to glotpress

  6. Hi Danilo,

    I corrected all of the German translations (where necessary). If there is any chance to provide my with a build containing the changes I could check, whether or not the translations are appropriate. It is always a bit tricky to guess what exactly could have been meant without actually seeing the menue structure on the device.

    Best regards,


  7. Hi Frank,
    can you ping me on the Dev Blog so i can send you a package with the German language file included?


  8. Hi Danilo,

    the question may sound strange, but what do you mean with 'ping you in the Dev Blog'? What do I have to do there?



  9. Hi Frank,

    the best way is to share our mail address so i can send you a package of the app with the latest changes included. can you contact me, using the contact form on my blog?


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