Geolocation didn't work

  1. Hi all!

    I'm using a Blackberry Curve 8900 (software version with worpress 1.6 beta. I switched to 1.6 beta because I hopped that my problem with the geolocation is fixed. I was using the 1.5 worpress from BB Appworld.
    I have following problem:
    When I check the Location checkbox, my bb searchs via GPS my location and insert it to the article. So everything is fine. When I'm finished writing the article, save it and sent it to my blog, the checkbox isn't checked and my post has no geolocation on my blog. When I save the article in local draft, everything works. The checkbox goes away by uploading the article to my blog.

    I used the wordpress app on an ipad, too, there was everything OK.

    Could someone help me?

    THX and best regards

  2. Thanks for letting us know about this. Could you please post here the steps to replicate the issue?
    Is it something like to the following steps:
    - Click on New Post
    - Add some content to the post
    - Click on the checkbox 'Add Location'
    - Hit the BB menu key
    - Select the "Send" menu item

  3. yes, that's exactly what I do. And the when I go back to the article the checkbox 'Add Location' isn't checked.
    When I do that local, save a local draft, and go back to this, The checkbox is checked. Then I go to send, and the checkbox is away.

  4. Good catch! I filled out a ticket for it:

  5. Great! Thanks. I hope it could be fixed in the next two weeks. I want to blog from my canada ski trip :-)

  6. I saw the ticket is closed now. When will the fix be in a downloadable upgrade?

  7. A new beta will be released soon! Keep an eye on the dev blog for the next few days.

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