Future Posting (Custom Publish Date)

  1. Love the program; have used it often with great success.

    One feature I'm missing is the option to custom set the date. Sometimes I want to set a new entry with a publish date/time in the future. This is easy in WP on the web, but I don't see any setting for it in WP for BB.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. you can set the publication date in the setting screen.
    just select the menu item "Setting" into the writing screen.

  3. Ah! There it is. Thanks for the pointer!

    I would have never thought to look there. When I see 'Settings' I think of application-wide settings, not post-specific. We might want to change it to say 'Post Settings' or 'Post Properties' or something like that to make it a bit more clear in the menus... or even add a small little 'More Options' or 'More Settings' or something on the edit screen so people know immediately that there are other things they can do.

    It might be good (as a future feature) to allow people to configure what parameters appear on the post editing screen. For example, somebody might use the publication date all the time but never use tagging. Right now there's no way for that user to remove tags from the edit screen and add the date. The defaults are great but some people have unique needs and might want to customize.

    Thanks again!!!

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