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  1. Last week I started using WP for BB in my 8900. I added a self hosted blog and a one.

    After a few mintues working in the self hosted blog from my BB and leaving the application, I noticed an error msg when trying to reenter the application:

    Error while loading blog: 1f24da12f6acdf9a0dd2720bdb2e2dc3/

    I click on OK a couple of times and now I'm only shonw the blog in the main screen. The problem is that if I want to re-add the self hosted blog, the app says it's already there.

    Any comment on how I could solve this situation? I'm running version



  2. Make sure that you have enough space on device memory.
    - close the app
    - remove the folder //store/home/user/wordpress/1f24da12f6acdf9a0dd2720bdb2e2dc3/
    (you can use blackberry desktop manager for this, or any other software)
    - start the app and add your blog again

  3. It worked, thanks... and I'm sure there's a memory problem in this device. I'll take a clsoer look into it.

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