Error Loading module 'WordPress' OutOfMemory Error.

  1. Hi there,
    I just downloaded the app and clicked on Run after the download.
    Then received this error message.
    Error starting WordPress: Error loading module 'WordPress' OutOfMemoryError.

    Memory for my phone shouldn't be an issue since it's fairly new.
    I'm using the Curve 8900. OS 4.6

    Let me know what I should do.
    Last time I received that error and did a battery pull, it nuked my blackberry. Gave me a 552 error and I had to reload the OS and everything from my backup files.

    Thanks for any input.

  2. When I click OK. everything is fine.
    Then going back to the App and clicking it, I get this message:
    Error starting WordPress: Module 'WordPress-1' has verification errors.
    I clicked ok.

    Going into the application settings to see if I need to change some settings there?

  3. When changing the settings to Allow everything, I still received the same two messages above in the same order.
    First the out of memory error, and then the verification errors.

    Last time I downloaded it, this is when I pulled the battery and when I put it back in, I got the 552 error and could not do anything but reload the OS and backup.
    So I won't do that this time.
    Hope someone knows the answer, cuz I haven't a clue.

  4. That error(552) is not related to the app itself.
    There are well documented solutions to your problem, all around the net.

    After you have applied a solution, you need to download wordpress for blackberry once again.

  5. Yep. Did that and received the same two Error Messages prior to the 552. It will not work for some reason.
    Going to delete it again and download the updated version and see if it works this time.

  6. Same Error messages even with the most current version. Won't work.

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