Error after error, please help.

  1. I was really excited to learn about wordpress for BB considering I do everything on my BB.

    I have a BB Curve 8330 (Platform

    I have been researching a way to fix the errors and have tried it all and still not getting through. I can setup my word with no problem and this I can not.

    I get the 'file system full' I delete everything , same thing.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Hi mshigh13,

    have you checked the available device memory?

    1. Open the Media application on the BlackBerry.
    2. Press the Menu button and choose Explore.
    3. Highlight Device Memory, then press the Menu button and select Properties.
    4. In the dialog that appears, check the percentage of used device memory (under the small pie chart).

    If the used device memory is close to 100%, there may not be enough left for WordPress to write temporary data, resulting in the error message.

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