Difference belween Local Draft and Draft

  1. aslelesworldturns
    Aug 12, 2009, 8:35 PM


    The Wordpress App for BlackBerry is the best thing ever! I did have a couple quick questions.

    What is the difference bewteen Local Draft and Draft? What can be done so that drafts you have started on your desktop reflect on your BlackBerry and vice versa?


  2. Local Draft posts are stored only into device memory, you cannot send a local draft post to your blog.

    While a post with draft status, when submited to blog, is stored into your blog and into your phone.
    you can start a post into your phone, submit as draft to blog, and modified it later by your web browser. (and viceversa).

  3. aslelesworldturns
    Aug 31, 2009, 9:17 PM

    daniloercoli, thank you for your reply, however i have not been successful in making what you mention in the second half of your reply work. Any suggestions?


  4. Hi aslelesworldturns,

    All post that you can see into "Draft Folder" are stored only into device memory.

    All others post are stored into your blog and into your phone. So that drafts post that you have started on your desktop can be continued on your BlackBerry and vice versa

  5. aslelesworldturns
    Sep 2, 2009, 3:27 PM

    Thanks, but that is not happening in my case. Is there a troubleshooting directory you can refer me to because any and all drafts started on my desktop do not appear in the drafts section of the app on my BlackBerry?


  6. The missing piece is "submit."

    Just because you set the draft to "draft" instead of "local draft" and save it, it does not change anything on your actual blog until you hit menu > submit.

    This will remove the draft from your drafts folder, place it in your posts folder, and make it available when you log in from the desktop.

    Submit might sound like you are publishing, but that will only be the case when you mark it for publishing and submit again.

  7. Hello:

    So when I change to "publish" in the BlackBerry app, will it actually publish, or will I still need to get to a desktop and hit publish there for it to show? Thanks!

  8. @arobinsonneal - it will actually publish, no need to publish again from the desktop.

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