Connectivity Issues

  1. Just re-iterating the connectivity issues being experienced:

    XMLRPC Endpoint not found
    No Route to Blog

    Device Firewall Permissions all set to Allow

    Tried BIS connection (Priority 1 to work)
    Tried TCP connection

    Device Model: 8100
    Current Firmware:
    Carrier: Vodacom (Vodafone)

    WordPress Version connecting to: 2.8
    XMLRPC Response: XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.
    Atom Enabled: Yes (Even Tried without enabled)

    WordPress for BlackBerry Version: Rev129 (Current OTA Download as of 17July 8pm (GMT+2))

  2. "No Route to Blog" error message is generally relate to your network connection setting. Currently the app isn’t able to make connections through the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS).
    We are working to add BIS connection into app asap.

    All other type of connections are supported by the app.

    If you want use Direct TPC stack you can go to Settings->Advanced Options->TCP and set the proper value. You may also set APN settings, specific for Wordpress for Blackberry, into "Setup screen".
    note: APN settings are network service dependent, you are required to use only the setting supplied by your carrier.

  3. Thanks, unfortunately then I will be leaving this until there is BIS APN support, will not use anything else other than that. As for the TCP connection this to failed, and the settings I used are correct and the TCP based connection does work for other apps that I have tested. In the mobile industry, do BlackBerry for a living and have close ties to two carriers.

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