Cant get Wordpress app. to work on my BB Curve 8900

  1. I downloaded the application Wordpress to my Curve 8900´, so its there.
    But i get errors when typing in url, username and password..
    So im wondering if my settings might be wrong?

    if you want to email me,

    Thank you!

  2. can you post the error message showed in the app and the url of your blog in the forums? thanks.

  3. I am having the same problem. For me it is saying that it can not find the xmlrpc.php even though it is there and the URL and login credentials are correct.

  4. It says that it can't find the file so I enter the URL again and it gives me this "A server communication error occurred Malformed blog response" I had this working once before and I have tried with multiple blogs to no avail. However, I have updated my BB so that could cause the error.

  5. @sam_benne -- are you using or self-hosted WordPress?
    Could you post the URL of your blog in the forum? thanks.

  6. I press in the url.
    Then the username and password as i do on the computer!
    I get this message:

    "We could not find the XMLRPC endpoint of your blog, please complete URL below. Ex"

    So i type in url like this:

    And i get:
    "An error occurred. Server returned HTTP response code 302"

    Thank you!

  7. @carinadahl -- The correct URL of your XMLRPC endpoint is , so you should fill the "blog URL" field with that value.

    if your issue still there, you can look at your connection settings. Click “Setup” when in the WordPress app and see what’s selected and try tweaking that.

  8. I pressed that url, got the same error...

    What should be selected under set up?

    - Wi-fi network
    - Direct TCP Stack
    - Wap 2.0 Gateway
    - blackberry internet Service
    - Blackberry enterprice Server


  9. @carinadahl -- you can select the following options:
    - Wi-fi network
    - Direct TCP Stack
    - Wap 2.0 Gateway
    - blackberry internet Service

    Do not select "Enable personal settings" and take a look at your APN settings - On most of the devices the APN settings are in Options/Advanced/TCP.

    You need to enter the correct APN (Access Point Name) settings, which differ based on your wireless carrier provider. These settings are provided to you by your wireless carrier. After you have entered the APN setting hit on Save and hard reset the device by removing and reinserting the battery before trying to connect with WordPress for BlackBerry.

  10. hiphopdemocrat
    Apr 2, 2010, 3:55 AM

    I have the same issue. Is there something that prohibits the use of the blackberry app if Im hosting my blog on a godaddy shared server?

  11. hiphopdemocrat
    Apr 2, 2010, 2:50 PM

    I actually just called godaddy support,which was NO HELP.....I've found the link to my xmlrpc.php file and under the file manager at the hosting site I've found the file.....but when i enter the link it gives me various "server returned HTTP response code" errors. my site is

  12. Ok I just downloaded and installed the Wordpress app on to my Blackberry Curve 8900 and I get "Error starting WordPress: Error loading module 'WordPress' OutOfMemoryError" and then after I click OK i get another when i try to enter the app again and it is "Error Starting WordPress: Module 'WordPress-6' has verification errors.". Now I have plenty of space and the install said it was done successfully and I've done the battery pull along with a uninstall and reinstall. I would really like to figure this one out, can anyone help?

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