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    I am using the BB app and am happy with it, but am experiencing an issue. I am using the latest BB app (.140) on a Bold and the latest WP (2.8.3 although I saw the same problem in 2.8.2). My blog posts tend to be long and I use the more tag for simplicity. When I look at the posts in the WP for BB GUI, I can only see/edit content up to more tag. The app ignores content after that the tag which is problematic and limits the ability to edit these long posts. I kept wondering if there was a "download more" option or a way to change this, but have not found anything. Is this a bug or am I missing something?


  2. you're completely right, currently the app doesn't support the more tag.

    I've added a ticket in trac
    probably this feature will included in the next app release.

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