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  1. Have downloaded the latest version of Wordpress for Blackberry - all great apart from I can't log into see the stats.

    I've logged in generally with my admin account for my site and am able to post etc, but when i click on 'Stats' it asks me to enter my username & password again. I do so & it says 'connecting' but then just asks me for the same again.

    I read a previous thread & tried creating a new user account to log in to stats that way, but the same thing occured.. Can you shed any light?

  2. are you using a self-hosted installation of
    If so you should install the JetPack plugin or the Stats plugin on your site.

  3. I have a self hosted blog. I have the stats plug in installed and I can see my stats when I go to the dashboard. I cannot see my stats in WP for Blackberry 1.5. I get an error message saying that there is "No data available!"

    Any suggestions?

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