BUG in the latest release

  1. when i had posted my Log,i find that all the words become the symbol "?"

    the error infomation which i ignored is "error while loading blog:08b293992af904a135dd2ad4f285f20c/ file not exist!"

    i'll try to reinstall it.

    sorry for my terrible english.thanks a lot. : )

    I hope that this may help to Improve the useful software.

    here is the details : click here

  2. There is another post on this forum about that issue:

    Make sure that you have enough space on device memory.
    - close the app
    - remove the folder //store/home/user/wordpress/08b293992af904a135dd2ad4f285f20c/
    (you can use blackberry desktop manager for this, or any other software)
    - start the app and add your blog again

  3. sorry for my poor expressing.

    I had meet with a problem like this

    <img class="alignnone" title="123" src="" alt="" width="268" height="589" />

    the "?????????" is chinese words "这只是一个测试"

    the latest 0.140 releass can read chinese but when i post the chiese the problm would occured.

    I'd like to know if this releass support chinese completely.(the 0.134 releass is ok)

    thanks a lot.   :)

  4. i dont know how to insert photos.
    click here to see the picture of problem

  5. we haven't changed characters encoding in the rev.140,
    so it should work fine with chinese language.

    did you have installed or activated plugin/theme into your blog?

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