"Blog Response Is Not Correct" Error

  1. Hello:
    I've been having some trouble with adding my blog with the BB beta client yesterday ("bad password" error, even though it was correct). I've just installed the latest beta, and when I attempted to add my blog, I ended up with a non-descript error: "Blog Response Is Not Correct."

    I have a self-hosted WP blog version 2.8. The URL is The index.php file is outside of the wordpress subdirectory so that I don't have to add a /blog or a /wordpress to the home URL.

    Yes, xml-prc has been enabled from the start.

    I am using a Curve 8320, OS v. on T-Mobile.

    Any assistance to resolve this would be greatly appreciated; thanks.


  2. Velanche -- ya, we are tackling this scenario as your xmlrpc.php file isn't where the app expected it to be.

    Should be fixed very soon in the next beta release.

  3. opps...I have the same issue.

  4. I have the exact same issue as the original poster.
    Running a BB Storm 9530 OS v4.7.0.148
    My blog runs on WP 2.8

  5. Can you tell us where it's expected to be? Would creating a symlink make it work?

  6. Right now in beta .121 the app thinks that it's in if you put in as the URL.

    Not sure if a symlink will work, but I do know we'll have a fix in place with a new beta very soon.

  7. That is where my xmlrpc.php file is. I am, however, using the Bad Behaviour plugin. This plugin is designed to stop spambots. When I disabled the plugin, I then get the message that I don't have XML-RPC enabled. Enabling it in the settings allowed it to work.

    So, to clarify, if you are using Bad Behaviour, the BlackBerry application doesn't work. Disabling the plugin resolved the issue.

  8. This application does not identify itself, causing Bad Behavior to block it. The application should provide a User-Agent string.

  9. I've just installed the latest nightly build (.123).

    I was able to add the xmlrpc.php location, and it got me further. I did see the name of my blog, but there's a triangular exclamation next to the title.

    When I entered and select Post, got a new window that says "You are not allowed access to details about this blog." So I backed out and selected "Refresh."

    I ended up with "An error has occurred: T0."

    From thereon in repeated attempts to refresh or log on results in the above error.

    Close, but not quite there yet.

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