BB Storm with Beta

  1. The App took a minute to load. Once it did, and I was able to enter in my username and pass it worked well.

    However, there is one "issue". The App does not react too well with the touch screen. To make it work, think of the touch screen like the trackball on the Curve. To scroll down, you move your thumb down on the screen, which is the exact opposite of how every other app works.

    Also to make a seltion from a set of radio buttons, you have to "trackball" to highlight and then click the screen to accept it.

    Most other BB menus work well. The keyboard is responsive and works as it should. I had no issues typing in a message and posting it to my blog.

    If they can fix the code so that the screen works like all the other apps, I think it will be a solid app.

    Also, only been running it for an hour or so, so I am not yet sure what it does to the battery or memory on a storm.

  2. Hi vader7071,

    the app should work fine on Storm devices.
    did you set the compatibility mode to off?
    (Go to option-> Advanced options-> Application -> WordPress to change this setting.)

    the weird thing is that the App took a minute to load. Have you tried with the device reboot? (also pulling off the battery)

  3. I have the most updated version of wordpress on my Verizon Blackberry Storm and it constantly locks up, like clock work! The little clock just spins and spins until I pull the battery. It also does not auto rotate. I have tried to change the compatibly per the instructions above but I can't find it. what am I doing wrong? The version before the new one rotated.


  4. Stealth Employed
    Sep 14, 2009, 5:52 PM

    I downloaded the app and installed it to my BB Storm. I tried several times to open the app and then the phone would freeze. Had to take out the battery to reset phone. I guess it still needs some work.

  5. Guess I'm just missing the boat out in left field, because I am not seeing a "compatibility mode" when I go to: Go to option-> Advanced options-> Application -> WordPress

    What I do see is:

    • Connections
    • Interactions
    • User Data

    Within those, the sub-sections:

    • USB
    • Bluetooth
    • Phone
    • Location Data
    • Internet


    • Cross Application Communication
    • Device Settings
    • Media
    • Application Management
    • Themes
    • Input Simulation
    • Browser Filtering
    • Recording
    • Security Timer Reset

    finally, User Data:

    • Email
    • Organizer Data
    • Files
    • Security Data

    Which should I choose?!


    P.S. And with the Storm requiring a complete reboot after any change to these options, it's not very easy to make wrong choice after wrong choice here! Argh!!

  6. Ahh.

    Once you are on that screen Go to option-> Advanced options-> Application -> WordPress you need to push the menu button, and THERE is where the compatibility option off is located.


    Rebooting the Storm now. Will check back if it is successful.

    Okay, that finally seemed to do it. Going to jump into the Storm after I'm done with work tonight and see what this thing can do.

    Thanks for the tips!

  7. boldlygoing -- I have been reading all of the help forums here and thank god you posted your find -- it relieved all of the frustration that i was having.


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