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  1. Well everyone ,
    i was working on Wordpress for Blackberry , and when i end of wrote the article , and make the corrections , and all of these stuff , i see 2 options at the bottom of the publish application , 'Publish' or 'Save local' , i chose 'save local' , so when i went to search the document it didn't exist! ,and wasn't (isn't) on my WP desktop , or in cellphone archives , i need help for recover the document , and also know how to use 'save local' .

    Thanks to Everyone
    Greetings From Colombia.

  2. ' Save Local' stores the post/page on the phone memory only, it does not change anything on your actual blog.
    You can access those Phone Draft when in the posts list screen by hitting the BB menu key, and selecting the 'Local Draft' menu item.

    Next time you need to set status of the post to 'Draft', and hit the Save button.
    This will remove the draft from your drafts folder, place it in your posts folder, and make it available when you log in from the desktop.

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