App Wants to Change Permissions

  1. Just download the BlackBerry App and when I launch it is gives me a popup saying:

    WordPress is requesting changes to its application control permissions.

    When I view which permissions it wants -- here is what it looks to change:

    Connections / Internet: Allow
    Interactions / Input Simulation: Allow
    Interactions / Security Timer Reset: Allow
    User Data / Files: Allow

    After not allowing the application to change any default settings, I get the following errors when the app finally starts up:

    WordPress startup Error!
    Error while loading your blogs index

    Device: BlackBerry 9000 (AT&T)
    OS: Version (Platform

    I have not change these settings ever from the default, nor is this device part of any BES system. I have installed many other applications requiring Internet connectivity without any problems (and no change in settings required).


  2. The app should write a little amount of data into the device memory (User Data / Files: Allow). Otherwise the app does not work correctly.

    You should set "Interactions / Input Simulation : Allow" to enable full camera feature.

  3. Your OS version is incorrect. It should be Also this is the original OS that the AT&T Bold came with. You should upgrade to the newest OS which is

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