All phone drafts lost by upgrading from v1.5 to v1.6

  1. I can't quite believe that a migration from v1.5 to v1.6 means that phone drafts saved on the BlackBerry are not accessible - I've lost so many ideas, that it just doesn't seem worth it to use WordPress for BlackBerry.

    Because really, what's the point if an upgrade wipes off your content?

  2. That’s weird, ‘Local drafts’ should be there. Make sure that permissions are all set to ‘allow’ by following the steps below:

    On your BlackBerry go to “Options > Advanced Options > Applications” (on newer devices go to Options->Applications). Scroll through the list, highlight and select “WordPress for BlackBerry”. Next, click on the app, and choose Edit Permissions and ensure they are set to “Allow”.
    Reboot the phone by removing and reinserting the battery.
    If that doesn’t help, you can attach your device to your laptop, navigate to the app temp folders, and look through the files:
    (1) Navigate to folder //store/home/user/wordpress/
    (2) Navigate to folder //SDCard/BlackBerry/wordpress/

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